What is SEO overall? 5 Overall SEO efficiency

What is SEO overall? 5 Overall SEO efficiency

Overall SEO is a “total” SEO strategy on the Search Engine that addresses all SEO issues as well as increasing the effectiveness of SEO contributing to the General Marketing Strategy. The goal of Overall SEO is to help customers occupy the majority of the market in their business sector. This is a long-term investment strategy, but it brings great results for both business and brand.

1. What is Overall SEO?

To find out about overall SEO, firstly, what is overall SEO?


SEO overall is the process of optimizing the entire website friendly to search engines (optimizing website structure, website source code, content structure and overall promotion). This process will improve the quality and reputation of the website in the eyes of search engines, helping the website to be crawled, indexed faster, ranked higher on the search results …

2. Who is the Overall SEO for?

“There is no shirt for everyone”, the Total SEO Service is usually for the following:

• Enterprises “build to last” build sustainable business, leading the way in business.
• Enterprises want to invest seriously, methodically from the beginning to achieve short-term and long-term results.
• Enterprises are interested in brand power, becoming “liked brand” and “loved brand”.
• Leading businesses want to create barriers and increase distance with competitors behind.
• And all the passionate and serious businesses like you!

5 Efficiency that Overall SEO brings:

1. Coverage:

Unlike conventional SEO methods, which will select a few words to a few dozen words to optimize rankings and move on to maintain after achieving the desired results, Overall SEO will optimize and track at the same time. Hundreds of thousands of keywords related to the business sector. This SEO method will help businesses determine their coverage in the market, as well as track coverage and traffic with competitors to determine the appropriate marketing strategy.

2. Stay firm in highly competitive keywords:

With highly competitive keywords, getting to the top of Google is not easy. However, once Google identifies you as an Authority Site with Overall SEO, it is possible to top up and maintain rankings in hundreds of highly competitive keywords.
Unlike SEO for each keyword, you must strive to keep the rankings for each word separately, the Overall SEO will help the whole website go up, the content pages will complement each other to keep the top.

3. Keep customers in the website and away from competitors:

One of the extremely important goals of Marketing is to help customers stay with you, that is, away from competitors. There is no other way Content can help this strategy! With SEO Overall, your coverage of hundreds of thousands of related keywords (related keywords) will help customers easily find favorite content right on your site without having to find another website. There is nothing better than that!

4. Comprehensive strategy:

The comprehensiveness of the Overall SEO Process is determined right from the initial market research, in order to advise businesses on the order in which business niches can reach and overcome competitors with SEO in both the short term and long-term. Businesses will know what current results are and what they contribute to the long-term results.

Moreover, Overall SEO Services will ensure your website is the best, can grow large to lead in the field of business. All source code and content is monitored regularly for quick edits if any problems occur.

5. Connect with other marketing channels:

SEO is not everything, SEO is one of the effective marketing channels besides other channels such as PPC, Social, Email … Understanding that problem, Overall SEO ensures your work will contribute to. Overall success of Marketing Overall.
The optimal way of SEO Overall will help the website display better on Social, customers have a better experience and business results will grow.

Points to note:

To ensure the success of the Overall SEO implementation, there are several things businesses need to be concerned about

• Great long-term goals – Businesses need to have big and long-term goals and aspire to lead the way in business.

• Professional from the beginning – “Failure to prepare is to prepare for failure”. The Overall SEO process needs a specific, long-term plan from the outset to ensure the best end result.

• Closely monitoring competitors and markets – Competitors do not sit still and the market is always changing and fierce competition. Enterprises always have to update competitors and market information to have the best adaptation solution.

• Enforcement team with knowledge and experience – The executing team must know the overall marketing plan of the business, ensuring many items from customer research, web engineering, content development, optimization Digital Marketing channels for customers to achieve the success of SEO Overall.

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