What is an SSL certificate? and types of SSL certificates

What is an SSL certificate? and types of SSL certificates

SSL Certificate supports websites to improve security, help web data (including article content, images and even user information) be better protected. Not only that, SSL certificates also have a positive impact on SEO, helping Google appreciate its website.

So, how does SSL Certificate affect the SEO process of businesses?

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL (full: Secure Sockets Layer) digital certificate is a global technology security standard that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures all data exchanged between the web server and the browser is always secure and secure.

SSL certificate installed on the website of the enterprise allows customers to access the website to verify the authenticity and reliability of the website, ensure that all data and information exchanged between the website and customers are encrypted, Avoid the risk of interference.


SSL ensures that all data transmitted between web servers and browsers is private and separate. SSL is an industry standard used by millions of websites in protecting online transactions with their customers.

Normally, without SSL, the data sent and received on your website will not be encrypted, ie if your website has no information such as credit card, password, .. then the risk Hacked by hackers is very high, but when SSL is available, the data is encrypted and cannot be viewed

Why use SSL:

– You register a domain to use website services, email, etc. -> there are always security holes -> hacker attacks -> SSL protects your website and customers

– Data security: data is encrypted and only authentic recipients can decode.

– Data integrity: data is not changed by hackers.

– Anti-denial: the sender cannot deny his or her data.

Benefits of using SSL?

– Verify website and transaction

– Enhance the image, brand and business reputation

– Secure transactions between customers and businesses, system access services

– Secure webmail and applications such as Outlook Web Access, Exchange, and Office Communication Server;

– Secure virtual applications such as Citrix Delivery Platform or cloud applications;- Secure FTP service;
– Secure access control panel;

– Secure data transmission services in intranet, file sharing, extranet;

– Secure VPN Access Servers, Citrix Access Gateway …

– Unauthenticated and confidential websites will always contain the risk of data breaches, leading to customers not trusting the service.

What is CA?

Certificate Authority (CA): is the organization that issues digital certificates for users, businesses, servers, code, software. A digital certificate provider acts as a third party (trusted by both parties) to facilitate secure information exchange.

– GlobalSign – one of the first enterprises in the world to be recognized as a public digital signature authentication service provider providing all kinds of certificates, certificate packages, digital certificate solutions for financial industries major – banking, health care, education and other businesses.

– Global standard deed

– Compatible with 99% of browsers

– Provided by one of the most prestigious CAs in the world

– Enterprise orientation with all SSL product lines

– Savings for businesses with the option of Wildcard, SAN

Which SSL certificate should be used?

If your website is for personal or small business purposes only, you can use the cheapest SSL security certificates like Comodo PositiveSSL, RapidSSL Standart or AlphaSSL. Note that with these cheap SSL security certificates, you cannot install for sub-domain (shop.domain.com format) but it only supports domain.com and www.domain.com.

If you have an e-commerce business website and need a higher level of security and subject authentication to attract customers to trust, use SSL with organizational authentication (OV) or full authentication (EV). You can use authentication types like GeoTrust TrueBusinessID, GeoTrust TrueBusinessID EV or Comodo EV SSL.

A special feature of these security authentication types is verification before installing SSL with legally recognized papers such as business registration certificates. In addition, after successful verification, EV authentication allows displaying the name of the organization (Company name, organization ordering and authenticating) right on the address box of all browsers, helping customers. trust goods order online services at that website.

Types of digital certificates:

1. Domain Validation (DV – SSL):

Digital SSL certificate for Domain Name – Website. When a website uses DV SSL, it will be verified domain names, websites are encrypted safely when exchanging data. With DomainSSL certificates, your Website activates a “green lock” and is secure in e-commerce transactions, web account login information, online email, network traffic and online services.

2. Organization Validation (OV-SSL) The OV SSL digital certificate authenticates for the Website and authenticates the enterprise that owns the website. Activate the “yellow padlock” to ensure safety for e-commerce transactions, web account login information, online email, network traffic and online services. OrganizationSSL certificates are proofreading organizations – site visitors see your company’s details vetted at the deed, helping to increase trust with the site for greater business advantage.

3. Extended Validation (EV-SSL) The EV SSL digital certificate shows your customers the highest level of security and is carefully reviewed by law. The address bar appears green with a full display of the business information, showing that the business information has been verified and censored its performance, providing a higher level of trust in the website and your business

4. Wildcard SSL Certificate With the option of adding Wildcard SSL, an SSL digital certificate can secure all subordinate domain names. Ideal for e-commerce portals. Websites of this type can often create e-store pages for online shop owners, each e-store is a sub domain and is shared on a unique IP address. methods of securing online transactions (when ordering, paying, registering & logging in, …) using SSL, we can use only one Wildcard digital certificate for the main domain name of the website and share a single IP address to share with all sub domains.

5. SANS – Multiple domain names unified in one digital certificate A standard SSL digital certificate secures only one domain name that has been verified. Optional SANs allow security for up to 40 domains and servers with just one digital certificate. SANs provide flexibility for users, making it easier to install, use and manage SSL digital certificates.

In addition, SANs are more secure than Wildcard SSL, correctly meeting server security requirements and reducing the total cost of deploying SSL to all necessary domains and servers. SSL SANs can integrate with all types of GlobalSign SSL certificates including: Domain name authentication (DV SSL), enterprise organization authentication (OV SSL) and advanced extended authentication ( EV SSL).

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