SEO Audit service – how to do it?

SEO Audit service – how to do it?

SEO Audit services can be said in Vietnam is still quite new, but in the world, the average SEO company usually makes about 40-60 contracts to handle SEO Audit Services in each month. SEO Audit service for a website is usually easier said than done and the majority will not assess the complexity of the issues that need to be done.

User experience:

The first things when looking at a website that is having low search rankings, are usually issues: colors, images or videos, … everything to help users have the best experience when in on the website.


Are colors on the website appealing and consistent with the brand? Users prefer websites that use a certain color scheme to keep the content in focus. So the title should stand out and it needs to be clear, the links should have a unique color. This may not be important to many people, but for us, color is an expression and to set the focus to attract the reader’s attention.


Use photos and videos:

Great photos and videos to showcase your product, directing visitors to the right place on the page. In all cases, this information will assist the visitor. In SEO Audit Services, you should check if there is a balance between textual information and images.

Action on landing pages:

There needs to be a main call to action and a central message (what is your added value to the visitor?) Above it. If a landing page is having poor calls or messages compared to many pages, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. For example, on the home page, which directs readers to different pages, it needs to be clear and well-navigated.


Social proof, security and user reviews all contribute to a good experience. Users will feel how good the product and service are through the reviews of previous service users. Users also care that your website is safe and they make purchases without having to worry about security.

SEO content:

The basis of any SEO strategy is quality content. Your content needs to answer any questions that users ‘ask’ Google. Good content begins with keyword research, so the content part of SEO Audit Services should also start with the following:

Keyword research:

When you are performing the SEO Audit Service, you will encounter a trap that you can fall into. First consider what your visitors will look for first and check if your website is optimized for that. It is an easy and fast test but it is very valuable. Once you’ve identified the main keyword for your ¬website, check that you have a main page to rank for. If so, check if you use related keywords to optimize other pages. If you want to research more deeply on keywords, you can join our SEO training courses or SEO consulting sessions.

Website structure:

The next thing to check is the site structure. Does it make sense, to begin with? The menu includes the main pages of the site. Is there a sitemap that adds more about site structure, in XML or HTML? Reference: Silo structure

We often think of the site structure as a pyramid, in which the news will support the pages together. Reference article: Internal links (internal) in SEO – Why and How?

Content of introduction:

Another quick and valuable check is to check the introductory content. Regardless of the field of the website, a page is needed to summarize all your services. Think about product lines, news, landing pages, etc. It’s important to make it clear to both your visitors and Google, what your website has. Typically, an introductory page needs to be at least 200 words long.

Duplicate content:

We also do not have to analyze much why it is necessary to solve the problem of duplicate content. A quick workaround is to use CopyScape. It will tell you (excerpts) your content found on your website, competitors …

Internal search:

One common thing about websites is that there is no separate search section for the website. Having a search function will help redirect the reader better (Google can provide the wrong search information and the search function of the website will provide the best value for the reader).

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