Reputable Google Adwords advertising service at Viet SEO

Reputable Google Adwords advertising service at Viet SEO

Adwords is Google’s online advertising network that allows online sellers to reach customers by placing ads on almost all Google search results pages, Youtube and partner websites.

No other ad network can give you the ability to deliver sales performance faster than Adwords. The reason is because your ad can appear on the first page of Google search engine less than 5 minutes after registration.

Your ads can be displayed on Google’s content network – the position where your ads will be placed on sites that make money through Google Adsense.

The way Google Adwords works is simple. You ask Google to place your ads on their results page based on the search keywords you want to use. When someone clicks on an AdWords ad, Google will charge you for that click. The cost of clicks varies depending on the amount you bid and the price that other advertisers pay for similar keywords.

Basic concept:

To start advertising, you go to, where you get help to start creating ads that bring you into the world of pay-per-click advertising.

The structure of an AdWords ad is very simple, but it is very important for you to understand the components that make up an ad and their role in the business transition.

• Titles are probably the most important texts. Those are the first lines of your ad – words that are blue as links to the text. A good title will determine whether searchers click on your ad or not. You will need to check multiple titles to choose the best titles to increase the click on your ads.

• The description line plays a less important role than the title. You can also check out different headlines to increase interest in your ad.

• The display URL is simply your website address. It may be different from the destination URL, which is the website you want to increase traffic.

Titles, descriptions and keywords are leveraged experiments. You will spend a lot of time adjusting them to get the combination that gives you the most profit.

Use Google Adwords as a way of understanding your business’s growth.

Start from the little things.

There are no rewards for wasteful spending.

Before choosing 1,000 keywords and spending a larger budget than you can afford, it’s best to start with a small and manageable campaign. The key to Adwords is to help hone your skills before scaling. You need to find out what you should and should not do with your business.

So start by choosing a few items that you know will be able to run without convincing too much. Next, choose useful keywords and create a few different ads for each item.

• Create an ad group for each product you are selling – be as specific as possible.

• Create at least 2 ads for each ad group – you will need to check for ads that are opposite. This is important to scale up and improve your profits later.

By starting to create several ad groups or a few keywords, managing and testing your campaign will be much easier. If you try to test multiple ad groups at the same time, it is easy to become overwhelmed and make unwise decisions.

Choose smart keywords:

When you feel your keywords are lagging, think about setting up a few smart ad groups to be able to get better conversions.

Your brand name: If you now have a famous brand name and that brand is closely related to your main product or it’s your product, you should create a special ad group. around keywords related to that name. Here are a few keywords you may want to include in your brand ad group:

These generic brand keywords will convert the best and provide the highest profit for any keyword you can choose.

Survey your customers:

Every time you convert a prospect to pay, ask them, “Why did you choose to work with us?” The purpose of that question is to find out why new customers decide to trust your business when making money is difficult. Hopefully, you will collect a series of answers over a long period of time. Use the language your customers are using for your keywords and ad copy.

The reason you should use these languages ​​is because they are the only language for online sales and the way you do business. Chances are it will bring a high conversion and there is less competition for these keywords.

Local advertising:

You can create an advantage in geographic location with ads that exclusively target local customers. Not only can you take advantage of your ad copy targeting specific geographic areas, you can also set your Adwords advertising preferences to target customers within a certain radius.

To adjust your geographic settings, go to Campaigns and then select Locations and you can select specific geographic locations.

In addition, you can advertise locally and select special keywords like:

• Special products with serial numbers

• A particular brand may be in high demand in that locality

You can enter your local market with these products and may even remove other large retailers from your market. Take time to check out your locally targeted ad group. You can find many ways to confirm your position in that locality.

Note about selecting competitive keywords:

In any industry, there will be a group of keywords that bring in a lot of hits and pay a lot to set prices when running an Adwords ad.

Those keywords are often a steep race.

If you do not really have enough budget and are good at Adwords, it is best to choose a smart strategy to achieve a positive ROI (return on investment). If not, what will happen is that you will spend your entire advertising budget and may make terrible mistakes when running Adwords ads and fail completely.

The problem with stopping and starting to run AdWords ads will ruin your quality score. Quality score is a measure that Google also gives you and generally, good quality score, you will have a good position and you will price your ad. Google likes to reward advertisers who stick with them and make little changes.

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