Register email by domain name for business quickly

Register email by domain name for business quickly

Creating a common management email system for the company under a separate domain name helps businesses increase the trust and expertise of partners and customers, making it easy for the company to manage email content and combat spam. more fruit. Viet SEO is the most comprehensive and useful email service for businesses today.

1. An indispensable gmail solution for modern businesses:

Business email is used exclusively for internal operations with absolute superior features, bringing the most professionalism to the company. For business owners, using email under their own domain name is a solution that helps to save costs and bring the highest work efficiency.

– Corporate email for users

With business-specific email, company employees can access data at any time, store and share massive data, chat with colleagues through chat or video call. You won’t even have to worry about data being lost or stolen when your computer is broken or lost.

The process of exchanging between company employees will become easier if the company uses email to register by domain name. Thanks to that, will stimulate excitement for work thanks to the professional and modern environment.

– Email by domain name for the business

Using email by domain name is not expensive to invest in hardware or software, data centers and easily calculate the initial cost. In addition, professional and modern email is also an important factor to promote labor productivity, be more flexible in the implementation of business strategies, create an information environment available to generations of employees. after.

Currently, gmail registration for businesses is considered as one of the important actions to help you build a modern working environment. Through emails sent with more domain names of businesses will help businesses promote the brand as well as increase the reputation.

With high data security connection, no system errors like normal email products, the ability to update anytime, anywhere, easily integrated on many different devices, Business Email is Leading solutions to help businesses increase their efficiency at work.

The steps to register an email by company domain name are as follows:

To be able to create and use email running with your own domain name, you need to prepare two essential elements: the domain running email and email hosting service (Mail Hosting).

1. Choose your own domain name.

The domain name (or domain name) is the component behind the word @ as mentioned above, which can be the name of the company, business or field, product that you do business. Because when receiving email, customers will easily identify who you are, what your company is and can imagine the field in which your business operates.

This will help the email recipient feel more secure about the content you exchange in it. Choosing a domain to run email is also important because it can affect decisions (cooperation, purchase, …) of the recipient of mail information.

2. Email hosting service – Mail Hosting:

This is the most important component of email that you need to learn and choose suppliers carefully. You can choose a free mail hosting service like, … or a professional mail hosting service.

However, to be able to create email with your own domain name for free, the procedures and initialization steps are quite complicated and cumbersome because it also involves domain verification, domain name DNS configuration and the following issues.

If you are not familiar with information technology expertise, it will be difficult to create and use as you want. Besides, the free mail hosting service will limit the usage to a small amount, until some time in the near future you will also have to pay to be able to continue using it. In fact, there will be no product or service of a business that offers free in the true sense to users.

To solve this problem simply, it is best to use a professional email hosting service, not only takes time, but also meets the needs of using mail according to the purpose and the cost is not much.

It is no coincidence that organizations, individuals, businesses are using email under domain names now accept investment costs to buy professional Mail Hosting packages for business and sales. You can consider selecting mail data storage service packages according to your needs, you can initially use small storage service packages and during use, you can upgrade to a higher package.


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