Is web hosting with WordPress free?

Is web hosting with WordPress free?

Surely you are wondering if it can not be used when choosing WordPress as a platform will cost you money to make a web right? There is no simple answer for this as there are currently two WordPress platforms operating on the market.

But in this article, we will systematically record your costs so you can know exactly how much you will spend on your blog or website.

A brief history of WordPress:

WordPress was released on May 27, 2003. Founders are Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. WordPress is the largest content management system in the world. Because it is open source, it is developed by its general community, licensed under the GPL (Public License). WordPress is free to use, free to publish, edit, share, yes. GPL licenses comply with the following 4 rules:

• Freedom to use the software for all purposes;
• Freedom to learn how software works and modifies software;
• Freely distribute software;
• Freedom to correct mistakes, improve, set rules and distribute to the community for the benefit of all;

During the course of WordPress development, Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress, opened Automattic. This company makes it easy for anyone to create a WordPress blog.
As a result, people have 2 options between the WordPress versions of and

Is web hosting with free? owned by Automattic. It also uses WordPress and revises this software to create a blog service for users.

Automattic knows how to create a complete website or blog, WordPress alone is not enough. You will need to master other factors like hosting, domain name, technical knowledge to create the web.

These jobs are sometimes overwhelming for many people, especially those who just want a simple blog. Therefore, this company integrates WordPress software into their infrastructure to provide a comprehensive service package, users only need to buy the package to use regardless of hosting.

It only takes you a few minutes to make a website with Log in to the homepage, register, name the website and the necessary information is that the website is ready to run.

Price of web: has 4 prices for website creation:

• Free
• Personal ($ 5, pay a year)
• Premium (8 USD, payment per year)
• Business (25 USD, payment a year)
• eCommerce (USD 45, pay one year)

The free WordPress package has many limitations and obstacles. For example, you will not be able to use your own domain name. Automattic will also display ads on the website, you only have 3 GB of disk space and some free themes but no additional plugins.

If you need any more features, you’ll need to upgrade to a higher package. has only 3 paid packages depending on the needs and website services you need, such as private domain, premium theme, technical support.

The costs of doing web with will be used to provide:

• Hosting – takes care of this

• Domain – You will get a free domain subdomain WordPress (form with free package. If you need a separate domain name, not a subdomain, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

• No access to code – You will not have access to the source code of the website. That means you will not be able to edit the website. This will affect you when you want to add something special to your website.

• Limited Themes – The free package offers several free themes. You can only use premium themes with paid plans. However, even with a paid plan, the number of premium themes is only limited to the library of Premium themes from 3rd parties will not work.

• Restricted plugins – Similar to themes, you will need to upgrade to the Business plan to add plugins to your website. Even the most expensive package limits your installation of third-party plugins.

• Limited website control – You do not have full control over the database and content. Managers will suspend your website if content violates policies.

• Make money – You can make money on the website when choosing a paid plan by placing an ad on the website.

Is web hosting with free? is often referred to as “authentic” WordPress because the site contains the open source WordPress, jointly developed by the WordPress community. People can freely download, use, and customize it for free.

You might wonder why WordPress programmers spend time developing without making money?

First, a lot of people contributed to this open source, and it became their hobby, helping them develop coding skills. Second, the developer community doesn’t charge for direct WordPress development, but they cash in with other products that support WordPress.

Many programmers sell WordPress plugins and WordPress themes or run a business around WordPress (for example, WordPress hosting). If WordPress is more powerful, of course, the demand for software will increase. The more people use WordPress, the more profit they get from selling products and services around it.

Although this version of WordPress is free, you still need to pay for the technical environment to underpin it such as domain name and hosting. Of course, there are still free hosting and domain name providers on the market, but if you need a lot of high-end features and powerful resources then you need a reputable WordPress hosting.


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