Hosting and domain name is purchased for what purpose?

Hosting and domain name is purchased for what purpose?

Before buying hosting and domain name, most customers find out information about these two keywords in advance to serve their business purposes. So what is domain name and hosting (domain and hosting)? What purpose of the user?

1. Domain name and hosting:

– Domain name is the identifier of website on the Internet. Domain names are often associated with the company name or brand name of the business. The domain name is unique and is allocated to any person who registers first.

– Hosting is where the space on the server has Internet services installed such as ftp, www, where you can store website content or data on that space. The reason you have to hire Hosting to contain website content, mail service, ftp, because those computers always have a fixed address every time you connect to the Internet (that’s the IP address), but if you access Access to the Internet as usual today through the IPS (Internet Service Provider), the IP address on your computer is always changing, so data on your computer can not be accessed from other computers on the Internet.

2. Purpose of buying hosting and domain name:

Many customers still wonder what is the purpose of buying domain hosting? If you already have a domain name, what to do next, below will be the answers to the above questions:

– Buy hosting and domain name to make website introduce businesses: Buy at the same time both domain name and hosting before designing the web or it is best to choose a hosting provider that has a web hosting program or domain purchase donate web. Avoid the case of web design then go looking to buy a domain name registration and hosting service provider or pre-purchase a domain name. This ensures that the extension will not be erroneous and lose the domain name (which is very common when buying domain and hosting time difference in this case).

– Buy hosting and domain name to develop an e-commerce project: It is recommended to buy at the same time after completing the design phase, demo beta and before about one to two months before the official commissioning time. Avoid buying hosting and domain before the project is completed, it is not appropriate (change the domain name, change the specifications that require hosting, cloud vps, cloud server). If you have to buy first, DigiStar advises you to buy domain names that belong to the business name, common name, or buy around to ensure copyright issues of the project when deploying and choosing reputable domain name providers , profession.

– Buying a domain name to protect your business brand: There is no need to buy additional hosting for each additional domain name. – The purpose of buying multiple domain names is to protect the sustainable development of businesses on the network environment.

– Buy domain names to perform SEO: in this case, you definitely need to buy more hosting at the same time to facilitate the list of satellite websites serving the project.

– Buy hositng domain names to speculate and resell

– Buy hosting to store data: it is not necessary to buy a domain name, this time it is considered that hosting plays a role of a capacity and uses a static IP address to access.

– Buy hosting to run a certain advertising and communication campaign: buying at the same time with the domain name and at the same provider is the most effective solution, avoiding having to contact too many clues when there is a problem. happened in the event.

– Buy hosting for demo and project development at the initial stage: it is not necessary to buy the domain name at the same time because the demand for domain names and official data storage when deploying is different from the text phase.

In short, depending on the purpose and needs of use as well as the nature of the deployment project, we should buy the domain name and hosting at the same time or after a certain period of time or just buy the domain name or just buy hosting only. .


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