Experience buying Domain Names and Hosting

Experience buying Domain Names and Hosting

Recently in the online community has been debating whether to buy a Domain Name and Hosting at the same Domain registrar and Hosting and whether to buy Domain Name and Hosting at the same time.

This causes a lot of confusion for customers when they have to make a decision to buy a Domain Name and Hosting to put their newly designed website into operation.

Based on the experience of providing domain registration and hosting services in the industry, VIET SEO offers some cases and advises on the most appropriate time to buy Domain and Hosting to ensure the timeliness and suitability with all customers.

Buy Domains and Hosting to make website introduce businesses: Buy both Domains and Hosting at the same time before designing the web or it is best to choose a Domain and Hosting service provider that has a Host or web hosting program Domain Name donated web.

Avoid the case of web design then go looking to buy a Domain Name Hosting and Hosting provider or pre-purchase a Domain Name. This ensures that the extension will not be erroneous and lose the Domain Name (which is very common when buying Domain Names and Hosting time difference in this case).

1. Buy Domain Names and Hosting to develop an e-commerce project: It is recommended to purchase at the same time after completing the design phase, demo beta and before about one to two months before the official commissioning time.

Avoid buying Domains and Hosting before the project is completed, it is not suitable (changing Domain Names, changing the specifications that require Hosting, Cloud VPS, Cloud Server).

If you have to buy before, VIET SEO advises you to buy Domains belonging to the business name, generic name, or surrounding purchase to ensure the copyright issues of the project when deploying and selecting Domain names and suppliers. Hosting prestige, professional.

2. Purchase of Domain Names to protect your business brand: No additional purchase is required.

3.Hosting for each additional Domain Name. The purpose of buying multiple Domain Names is to protect the sustainable development of businesses in the network environment.

4. Buy Domain Names and Hosting to perform SEO: in this case, you definitely need to buy more Hosting at the same time to facilitate the list of satellite websites for the project.

5.Buy Domain Names for speculation and resale

  • For International Domains: No additional Hosting is required
  • For Vietnamese Domain Names: It is recommended to purchase Hosting to upload basic content to avoid the provisions on revocation of inactive Domain Names from VNNIC – Vietnam Domain Name Center. Those who do not have enough budget to design the web can buy Hosting at the registrars that have included a website with the program.

6.Buy Hosting to store data: It is not necessary to buy a Domain Name, this time it is considered that Hosting plays the role of a capacity and uses a static IP address to access.

7.Buy Hosting to run a certain advertising and communication campaign: buying at the same time with Domain and staying at the same provider is the most effective solution, avoiding having to contact too many clues when there is trouble tangle occurred in the event.

8.Buy Hosting to demo and develop the project at the initial stage: It is not necessary to buy a Domain Name at the same time because it is possible that the demand for Domain Name and Official Hosting when deploying is different from the testing phase.

In fact, in the field of providing Domain Name and Hosting experience based on brand value, it brings a great advantage because many customers (mostly individuals, small and medium enterprises) or rush.

Choosing to buy at a supplier with the largest market share but not knowing or unable to realize it for a service industry, it is not always the biggest brand that brings high value of services provided. Most (other than some industries and fields related to production, consumer goods, fashion …).

The consequence is that in some cases the customer is not best supported by the “support” team or is only well supported at some point in time, with some related individuals and ultimately depending on the level. fortunate to meet the enthusiastic support staff or not.

In the end, you still pay a large enough amount to register and maintain the service, but the quality of the service is disproportionate because the big brand has too many customers to support but can not meet the best.

Due to lack of timely system upgrades (this seems to be an indispensable part of the service industry and is an important Domain and Hosting experience to be aware of).

In the opposite direction, there are also a large number of customers because they are not aware of the importance of buying reliable hosting, quality to ensure their data safety when hosting, so choose the name provider domain, hosting small, fragmented capital on the market of HP (hosting provider) in Vietnam leads to the risk and the fact that there are many unfortunate incidents that cause data loss, interrupting online business activities even stop altogether.

This leads to the negative sentiment of customers in the field of hosting, domain, and server, making the market almost leveled off in the past three or four years.

So how to choose a service provider that buys domain name and hosting with reputation, quality, timely customer support and data security at the highest level but the cost is reasonable (not too cheap as well as not so high as the top brands).

Answering this question is very difficult for customers but with years of experience in Domain Name and Hosting as both customers and service providers VIET SEO gives the following data to effectively solve the problem above with the desire to support customers (of Viet SEO, not yet a Vietnamese SEO customer or not intended to be a Vietnamese SEO customer) and the service of buying Domains and Hosting, cloud servers are increasingly developing. Development:

  •  Market share and brand: choose a supplier with a market share and a brand belonging to TOP5 but not the leading or the second-ranked supplier of the industry (in case the two suppliers have the same market share).
  • Method of support and settlement of services: Choose a provider with full of modern communication and support facilities such as Livechat, Support via ticket system, quick answers and support at night.
  • Choosing a supplier who can make contracts, issue invoices and transact through accounting or aggregation to avoid the effects of being dependent on caregiver staff (because people are fickle, calculating) job stability and the long-term commitment of the industry personnel in Vietnam is not high) is also a good Domain Buying and Hosting Experience.
  • Select a provider with a separate customer care department from the sales department to ensure the highest level of customer benefits when an incident or dissatisfaction with the service of the provider is due whatever the reason (customer psychology is always better than being handled by a team of professional care providers than from salespeople or technicians they work with and work through).
  • Choose a provider that has a professional, modern renewal notice service but still has a human element (ticket notification – support tickets, emails and especially phones).
  • Choosing the right supplier at all times, especially when working with technical support. There are documents, support procedures as well as clear customer regulations to make sure there are no problems when the problem arises, identify the error that occurs (this case accounts for the majority of the list of hosting problems. , domain name, server, website …).
  • Choose a provider that has many good, friendly community support activities and has its own policy in supporting the community (e.g. free cloud hosting, free cloud vps, cloud server, split development policy will be revenue to the community).

Above all, VIET SEO provides you with a list of service providers that buy domain names and Hosting, cloud vps, cloud server in Vietnam meet the above criteria (rather than just talking about the conditions, the You will think that is not realistic, right?) and provide more experience to buy Domains and Hosting in Vietnam. Particularly VIET SEO (the provider you should buy the domain name and hosting here due to being Delicate – the forum page that can be said to be the most reputable in Vietnam) only hopes that it will help you more. Experience buying Domain Names and Hosting.

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