Email hosting & Mail server for businesses

Email hosting & Mail server for businesses

Currently, there are quite a few providers of free email hosting & Mail server services from Google, Yahoo and other major providers. However, the above services have limitations that only email hosting services can meet.

Email hosting customers are allowed to use their own domain email, own a lot of security benefits as well as increase the ability to send mail to inbox 100%, reduce the rate of spam mail …

What is Email hosting?
Email hosting is an email service provided on a specialized server system with high security features.

Emails sent from the Email hosting system are usually highly reliable, helping email to be always sent to the recipient’s mailbox, so it is very popular by companies and large businesses.

In fact, businesses especially businesses that have many online commerce transactions and have many customers, remote partners often use email hosting with a separate domain name to affirm the brand as well as the level of prestige. their credit to the customers.

What is Mail server?

Besides Email hosting, Mail server is also one of the useful and popular email services in this day and age.

Email server is a type of server used to send and receive email, is an email solution for businesses to manage and communicate internally, perform commercial transactions that require Stable, continuous and with fast speed, while ensuring the safety of data, high backup ability …

According to many experts’ evaluation, emails sent from mail server system will solve problems such as virus mail, spam, blacklist, webmail, online / offline check, unchecked control content …

Therefore, Mail server is also a top choice for commercial business activities of large companies and enterprises.

Advantages of Email hosting & Mail server:

• Using your own domain name: The email hosting & Mail server system uses the company’s own domain name to create professionalism and increase the reputation of businesses in the market.

• Increase the ratio of mail to the inbox: Email hosting & Mail server system helps reduce Spam, Blacklist IP, ensure sending and receiving email completely smoothly. Commit 100% mail to the recipient inbox.

• Intuitive interface: Email hosting & Mail server provides intuitive user management interface, easy to use. Even non-professionals can use and operate the system.

• High security: The mail server system optimizes the security and stability of email hosting. Do not leak information, do not be hacked.

• Increased compatibility: Email hosting provided by VIET SEO has high compatibility with other mail servers such as Google, Webmail, Yahoo, Outlook …

• Strong management ability: All emails sent to customers, partners or circulated within the company are strictly managed, reducing information leakage, transfer customer information and projects to the party. out.

Contact to order Email hosting & Mail server with VIET SEO:

At VIET SEO, we provide high quality Email hosting & Mail server. Whichever service you choose, VIET SEO is committed to providing a good business email system without any problems.

Our commitment:

• Customers only need to pay once, use for life.

• Cheapest market. If there’s a lower price, we’ll give you 10% off based on their price.

• Refund immediately if your email is sent to spam mailbox, connection error, system error.

• Unlimited account and user capacity. Regardless of the size of your company or how many employees you have, you can use our service pack.

• Simple, fast setup process, without intermediaries.

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