15 keyword research tools for SEO

15 keyword research tools for SEO

Amidst the matrix of “SEO assistants” rife on the Internet, have you ever wondered which tool is worth using? Which “hero” is easy to use and supports you to produce standard SEO articles, suggesting the hottest and hottest keywords? The 15 keyword research tools below will be an extremely effective solution that can increase the website’s natural traffic by 25.54% in just 6 months. What are you waiting for, explore them now:

1. KeywordTool.io:

Suggest useful keyword ideas.

What makes keyword research tool KeywordTool.io ranked 7th in this list?

It’s simple not only because this tool offers lots of standard SEO keyword suggestions every time you enter the main keywords.
More specifically, you can completely limit, or expand the scope of the search with certain customizations. Yes, you will find keywords appropriate for your intended use.

The most interesting feature: Analyzing the competitors.

This is one of the features that no other tool of its kind has. You only need to enter the address of the competitor’s website, and KeywordTool will return the list of keywords they use for SEO campaigns.

More interestingly, you not only use this feature to “read” the opponent, you can also take advantage of it to research new keywords, words that you did not expect but can bring great effect.

2. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer:

Make the smartest decisions.

Ahrefs just came back and is even nicer than ever with “Keyword Explorer”. It gives you access to very in-depth research for each keyword.

Of course, the basic information of the keyword will be firmly in your hands (such as seach volume). But the beauty of this tool lies in its ability to analyze and process keyword data. You can tell how many clicks a user actually has on any given page.

The most interesting feature: Keyword Difficulty – keyword difficulty

Ahrefs provides a Keyword Difficulty feature to show you how many backlinks you need to attach to your page so that SEO articles can climb to the top 10 on Google.

3. Suggestion Keyword Finder

Suggestion Keyword Finder is a really useful free keyword research tool.
Although it doesn’t have many unique features, it can still provide you with a long list of unique keyword suggestions.

The most interesting feature: Level 2 and Level 3:

In the search customization of this tool there are 2 notable options: “Level 2” and “Level 3”. When you select them, new keyword suggestions will be generated based on the initial search results returned to you.

This is especially handy when we need to research long keywords to improve the effectiveness of SEO (long-tail keyword).

4. KWFinder:

A powerful keyword research tool that is extremely easy to use. KWFinder has gradually become one of the most popular keyword search engines today.

Because it not only provides extremely powerful features, but also has a very easy to use interface.

Kwfinder seo tool

The most interesting feature: Keyword Difficulty.

As the name implies, this feature measures the difficulty of each keyword in the Google Search ranking of SEO articles (on a 100-point scale).

Because KWFinder automatically shows Difficulty scores, you don’t need to click on each keyword to read this parameter.

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